The massage pump and jets

The massage pump allows the power of the massage jets to fluctuate. Note here that the quality of the massage does not depend on the number of therapeutic jets present in the spa, but on their quality.

There are three main spa jet systems:

The aerojets system (small air bubbles)
The hydrojet system (massaging water jets)
The mixed system, Venturi jets (air + water combination)
Before buying the spa, check this point as well as the noise level of the pump which can be more or less annoying.

Buying a spa: choosing the right accessories

Before buying your spa, consider its options (waterfall, light therapy, stereo, etc.) to make sure that each of them is truly useful to you.

These accessories play an important role in the overall cost of a spa. It would be a shame to get yours at a high price if you don't have use of each of them.

In addition to accessories, consider buying something to cover your hot tubs : cover, cover, blanket or a shelter. This will allow you to enjoy your spa more and preserve its quality.



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