What is DevOps?

If you are in the IT field and you are cultured, you are aware that the trend now is to opt for the DevOps procedure. Dev as developer and Ops as system operator or more precisely system administrator, whose combination of these two profiles forms DevOps.

Create a computer product

The field of computer science is not as complicated as we imagined. But hey, there are terms that our brain doesn't want to understand and we have to dig a little to make it all clear. For a very simple explanation, let's compare the computer factory to that of a company making a T-shirt. In this company there are several chains, one that takes care of the cut, another for the assembly, another for the collar, another for the installation of buttons and labels, and a last chain for the packaging.

In the computer field, it's the same, we have the one who designs the software, it is the one who is responsible for creating the websites and applications, and the multimedia department is responsible for advertising the product. The developer is the creator of the site, the system administrator takes care of the deployment of the software and finally, the advertising is in charge of the multimedia team. So, What is DevOps ? The answer is very clear, it is the combination of the two chains, that of developer and system administrator.

Working on DevOps

A DevOps is responsible for improving application creation procedures by simultaneously using the role of an administrator as well as the tasks of a developer. This, in order to have performance in the realization of each task. The developer therefore works in cohesion with the person who takes care of the server, and when we talk about a server, we think directly of data management. We know that to become a web developer, you have to take specific training, more specifically in computer languages, while to take care of the system, you have to think about training as a system and network administrator, a major sector of computer culture.

So, it's a bit complicated to combine the two brains, we can say that the computer engineer will be able to take on this work provided that he has consumed years of experience in both areas.


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