PHP Developer Salary: How Much Can You Make?

PHP developers play a key role in the development of websites and provide an important service to companies that use PHP. With such a high demand for php developing, php developers are often paid well and can earn anywhere from $50k to $150k per year.

To help you better understand how much php developer salary ranges, we will discuss some statistics below:

- The average php developing salary is about $100K per year (81% make less than this)

- The highest php -developer salaries reported were in California ($175K), New York ($135K), and Texas ($130K).

- php developers with the least amount of experience reported an annual salary range between $38,000-$52,000.

- php developer salaries ranged from about $72K to over $152K depending on their location and level of expertise.

As you can see, php developer salaries vary greatly depending on location, years of experience and expertise. However, the average php developer salary is about $100K per year, which is a very respectable wage. If you are looking to become a php developer or are currently in the field, it is important to keep these statistics in mind so that you can accurately gauge what you should be earning. With php development being one of the most in-demand skills today, now is a great time to pursue this career path!

Salary Range: $38,000-$175,000. The average php developer salary is about $100K per year. 81% make less than this amount. Location and years of experience are major factors in php developer salaries.

Every PHP developing will be paid differently because php developer salaries can range between $38,000-$175K. The average php -developer salary is about $100K per year (81% make less than this). Most php developers are paid well and the most in-demand php developing skills today.










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