How do you know the performance of a spa?

Buying a jacuzzi is also buying an atmosphere. This greatly depends on the performance of your device that it is necessary to check certain points, the most important of which are the following:

The seats

A spa (jacuzzi) can contain 2 to 10 seats whose type and height are not the same for all models. According to professionals in the field, it is very important that the upper body is completely in the water, especially if you want to enjoy your spa during the winter. It would therefore be necessary to try out the model before taking out your wallet so that the water level is suitable for all those who will enjoy it.

Pumps and jets

We always say that the more jets there are, the better the massage provided by the spa. Note that this is only true if the ratio of pump power to number of jets is balanced. And according to experts, for 45 jets, that's a two-pump to six-horsepower ratio that's interesting. How the jets are arranged is also important. So, we will have to see their arrangement according to the part we want to massage.

The filtration system

This is the most important part of a hot tub since the maintenance time depends on it. Thus, a good filtration system requires only 5 minutes of maintenance each week.


Its quality is also very important for the spa, especially during winter if you want to keep the heat of the spa water without wanting to receive a very exorbitant bill. This depends on the amount of insulating foam between the shell and the skirt which must be rigid and dense.

So, organize your project well, taking all these points into account before committing to a particular offer.


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